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Sales And Services Of New Generation Genesis "Glow Plugs"

We sell and fit new generation range of glow plugs called "Genesis" that are developed according to EEC directives. Some of the benefits of these glow plugs include:
  • Easy engine start especially during cold months as they provide better ignition by maintaining consistent temperature at 1000°C
  • Lower pollution as they make 30-40% less emission
We also provide special fitting service by specifically trained technicians to make sure glow plugs are fitted correctly without any damage to wiring harness, computers or other parts of the engine.

Having troubles starting your engine?


Genesis - Glow Plug Sales And Fittings

Common engine problems that arise because of faulty glow plugs:
  • Problem in engine starting especially in cold months
  • Low or no diesel engine performance
  • Problems in other parts of engine
Common causes for glow plug failing:
  • Ageing of engine
  • Lack of engine maintenance
  • Fault in wiring or other parts of the vehicle
  • Environmental factors

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Accurate Fault Assessment
New Generation Glow Plugs
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Having troubles starting your engine?



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